This should be fun (don’t forget to RSVP to VanUE so they can order free appies at Steamworks afterwards). I love talking about software development and the real story behind it (no method, no guru, I bet!). See you there.
From sylloge:I’m speaking twice this month:


And then on Thursday May 27th at 6:00pm, I'll be at the Vancouver User Experience Group (the event is not posted yet) doing a talk entitled "F*cking Up Fast (Or, How We Made a Lot of Really Bad Mistakes and Still Ended Up with Something Great)" which uses Flickr as a case study for on-the-fly design of a fairly complex piece of software. We made a lot of mistakes in the early design of Flickr (and are still making them, I'm sure - hopefully just not as bad). But we also got it out there early, had people using it, and learned a phenomenal amount. I think the path that we are on now is much better for all of that, and this has been an amazing educational process for me (and probably for all of us).


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