This is very cool, but how do they make money? Ads? And why doesn’t it work with non Blogger blogs? Every other tool like AudioBlog uses the MetaWeblog API and therefore works with Blogware, MT and all the other MetaWeblogAPI tools. Time to sign up for a free Blogger blog to play with this.

From Audioblogger: F.A.Q.:


What is it? Audioblogger enables audio posting to your current blog site with any phone at any time from any where. Its easy and fun. How does it work? Actually, it is simpler than publishing a text post. You call the number, record a post, then your blog is updated with an audioblogger icon and a link to your recorded audio. Super simple. How much is it? Audioblogger is offering a FREE...ya, no money, zip, nada... What will the audio look like on my blog? There will be a link to your audioblogger post, an associated icon, and a time stamp. You will soon be able to choose the icon that you would like posted on your site, but for now your choices are limited.


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