Despite my earlier cynicism, PulpFiction actually shipped yesterday May 15 on time. Trying it out now! Congrats on successfully shipping.

From Freshly Squeezed Software - PulpFiction - Advanced News Reader/Aggregator for Mac OS X:


PulpFiction is a next-generation, easy-to-use, powerful RSS/Atom feed reader. Featuring a familiar Mail-like interface, PulpFiction will fetch, organize, and display news and articles from thousands of weblogs and websites. Leveraging Mail's familiar interface and ease of use, PulpFiction throws some serious muscle behind your news reading. Powerful, flexible filters move, mark, and process articles. Flags, sounds, and dock icons alert you to new or important posts. AppleScript support allows you to extend PulpFiction to work with your entire digital hub: Mail, Safari, the Finder, and more.


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