I love Technorati, but using PubSub is a better solution than Technorati for this. Here’s how: <ol><li>Turn off blog comments</li> <li>Create a PubSub URI subscription for your blog URL (see my Lazy Person’s Guide to being a NewsMaster Part 1: Use PubSub to track your URL, name and topics for full details)</li> <li>This creates a FREE RSS feed that gets updated every time somebody in the blogosphere links to anywhere in your blog</li></ol> The only advantage of the Technorati method over the PubSub method is that the Technorati method shows you who linked to the blog post inline in the blog post itself and Technorati keeps a history since it is a retrospective search unlike PubSub’s prospective search. That’s great for people surfing to your blog but you don’t get an RSS feed! And I am sure that PubSub could easily offer a service, like Technorati does, that returns links to a particular link. How about it PubSub?

From Blog comment spam solutions and the coming arms race - Sifry’s Alerts:


Here's my suggestion: Turn off comments altogether, and let people who want to comment get their own blog. When they link to you, they'll get picked up by services like Technorati which will automatically show their comments whenever doing a search for your post. This is what the folks at BoingBoing (and many other sites) have been doing, and it eliminates spam because it enforces accountability - you've got to have a publically addressable place on the net where your words appear - and that place is owned by you. The cost of setting up the blog lies with the commenter, which is the way things ought to be. We're working on some ways to easily show the number of people who have linked to a particular post, in real-time, which will make it easy to show the interesting articles dynamically - e.g. "Blogs Linking To This Post (15)" instead of just "Blogs Linking To this Post". Stay tuned.


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