Amazing. Jakob should follow this advice on his site. It would me it a lot more usable! Doctor heal thyself!

From Design by Fire: Design Eye for the Usability Guy:


Last Monday, to much fanfare, Nielsen published the second part to his guidelines on the display of links. I was as shocked as anyone by it. He actually made sense! Well, color me paranoid. I’m at loss. Beyond the awkward language, beyond the retina-burning presentation, and beyond a few misused design terms, I actually got from the King of Usability what I have been asking for all this time. Life is good sometimes. So, as you can see, I’ve implemented a few of the suggestions found in Nielsen’s Alertbox. I have added dotted underlines to my links, even though they look like shoddy, gnarly dashes in Internet Explorer, and I’ve changed the color of visited links to be a darker shade of red to distinguish them. I’m getting religion. Further, in the spirit of sharing, I decided I’d gather up some knowledgeable designers and help Nielsen in return with a little bit of design advice. The Design Fab Five, right here, right now.


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