Lots more money to be made doing this kind of thing. Anybody know of a similar outfit in Canada? I bet you could do a more efficient system using secure RSS as well as and in addition to email.

From HouseValues receives $14 million investment:


Now, he pays more than $1,000 per month in subscription fees to have exclusive rights to HouseValues' home sellers in Federal Way and Browns Point in Pierce County. "Of all of the other approaches I have used to develop leads, this has been by far the most efficient," he said. House hunters and sellers sign up at HouseValues.com or JustListed.com because they receive free house valuations or real estate listings from local agents. There are now about 2 million home buyers and sellers in the company's database. Bringing together house hunters and real estate agents over the Internet is a business that has been difficult for many to crack. Morris, who previously ran MSN HomeAdvisor, thinks his company has created "a win-win" for both. More than 80 percent of home buyers now begin their home search over the Internet. Helping real estate agents tap those Internet-savvy consumers is the company's primary goal, he said. "We live and breathe for real estate agents," Morris said. "We are helping 10,000 real estate agents make more money than they ever thought was possible."


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