Great idea! I wish I had the bandwidth and money to do this. Hmmm. Working on it!

From What is Not ยป Music Hosting Project:


My idea is to host local music in ways that aren’t possible right now. Artists often rely on free web sites which do not allow the hosting of large media files, and disallow remote linking from other sites. I would also like to promote the use of BitTorrent for album-size collections of lossless music formats, as opposed to the usual MP3 which is lossy. With lossless formats, the listeners can burn a CD of the album that is an exact copy of the original. To do this, the artists need to upload to my server or give me a copy. This can either be in the format used for distribution, or an uncompressed format (such as a WAV file). For lossless distribution, I prefer the OGG Vorbis (.ogg file) format since it does not have the patent restrictions of MP3. I don’t have any website for organizing the content. I am not a web designer. I will simply make the files available for HTTP, FTP or BitTorrent download.


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