Welcome Nokia. I am certain that what Anssssi said is true: blogging will become mainstream and a large amount of it will be done via mobile phones since mobile phones are the PCs of the first two decades of the 21st century . I am so certain that I have blogged multiple times about this. From editorsweblog.org: “Blogging will evolve to become mainstream”:


“Blogging will evolve to become mainstream,” said Ansssi Vanjoki (biography below), Executive Vice President and General Manager of Multimedia, Nokia. "Blogging will change the way people store and share information and news with others, whether it be at the personal or professional level," he said. The simplicity of blogging tools combined with professional capabilities of the weblog programs allow professionals and non-professionasl to publish, dialogue and react on the internet today, and perhaps on mobile phones tomorrow, Mr. Vanjoki explained. The new generation of handsets proposed by the mobile industry in the next few weeks will make it possible for blogs to be updates on the go, and will be critical to the revolution of reporting and publishing, Mr. Vanjoki stated.


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