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From editorsweblog.org: “Every citizen is a reporter” states Mr. Ho:


Mr. Ho, CEO and Founder of OhmyNews said goodbye to 20th century journalism and invited everyone to the 21st century, in which “Every citizen is a reporter.” His online publication, OhMyNews, based in South Korea has offered its readers since 2000 a new media proposition : to become active readers in an environment where every citizen is a (potential) reporter of OhMyNews. In a south Korean market where (mobile & broadband) internet penetration is 75 %, online technologies give this unique ability to citizens to send their news to be published publish whenever and wherever they want. In his publication, contributors and readers produce, read and the intent is to "change the world together." Everyday, Korean citizens send OhMyNews their articles, photos, videos. The OhMyNews publishing team selects, organizes and edits the most important news to post on the website's front page. In 2003, the site was ranked the sixth most influential Korean media outlet in the annual Sisa Journal Survey.


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