Must read for both bloggers who think they are better than journalists and journalists who think they are better than bloggers.

My take: both bloggers and journalists are birds of the same feather and for one to turn up one’s nose at the other with respect to standards is hypocritical and misguided.

From John Kerry intern scandal - Alexandra Polier’s account:


And so my education had taken me pretty much as far as it could. I started out as an ambitious young woman inspired by politics and the media. I’ve ended up disenchanted with both. If I had been an ambitious young man, this story would not have happened. I’m never going to know exactly what happened, but that matters less to me now. I lost a good friend and learned a few lessons. I am struck by the pitiful state of political reporting, which is dominated by the unholy alliance of opposition research and its latest tool, the Internet. Even the Wall Street Journal’s Website ran Drudge’s story, with only a brief disclaimer that his stories weren’t always accurate.


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