Sad but true, Canadian Federal Election candidates just don’t know how to effectively use the Internet let alone blogs. If it’s good enough for Dean, Kerry and Bush, it ought to be good enough for Martin, Layton and Harper.

Using the Internet for re-purposed print material like headshots and boring, static biographies and pitches is like broadcasting on TV radio show announcers reading material from a radio show. Half hearted, not compelling and doomed to failure.

I am sure this will change in the next Canadian federal election.

From BlogsCanada : E-Group Election Blog:


The way individual candidates have used the internet has demonstrated that most of them either don’t understand its appeal or potential or chose to purposely ignore it. Of over 1200 candidates running, I was unable to find 10 blogs. Candidate web pages are typically just that: a single page or maybe two or three on the party site with some biographical material, a headshot and a brief pitch.


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