I’ll save you the trouble of reading the PDF: start syndicating (internally and externally) everything that matters to your organization. If you don’t, you will lose big time long term.

From GlobeLogger Press and Analysts: Harvard Business Review on Syndication:


While syndication feeds may be a novelty right now, they’re proliferating fast, and customers will soon expect them of every company. I predict that within two years, not having a feed for your corporate news will be analogous to not having a Web site. It will mark you as unresponsive and retrograde. And if by then you’re not aggressively tapping feeds yourself, you’ll find that you’re a step behind your more aware customers, suppliers, investors, and competitors. He goes on to suggest a plan of action for executives. Well worth a read. And a big stack of reprints. Until they arrive, you can read the PDF version here.


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