Stefan - founder of 20six - want to move to all 26 countries

It sucks when you don’t have links, trackbacks and comments - I don’t think this is so bad. If you are writing for fame then it’s bad, if you writing because you want to then who cares if you have any readers at all.

Quantity versus Quality does that really matter?

Encourage Newbies -list of new bloggers, non content based lists (faces) -random blog function

Encourage Question Marks

Retain Champions

Incredibly high churn -8.2/10 bloggers leave after 6 months -younger bloggers have less churn

My questions:

What about password protected (6A has 30% private password protected)?

Age of Seedbloggers

German has age 35 start blogger - bad start UK 30 - medium start Netherlands 26 - the best France 22 - the best

External marketing has no impact!

Mobile blogging is still in its infancy

  • difficulty starting
  • heavy usage in several days
  • 80% gone Q: is this due to tariffs?
  • MMS/mobile email too expensive for continued usage, ok for initial

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