Tue, Jul 6, 2004 01:14:28 AM Guardian Unlimited (website)

Blogging is 5-10% of her job (news and politics desk editor)

Writes 2 other blogs - Guardian Unlimited and US Vote 2004, plus personal

Blogs even among young in the UK have not penetrated the consciousness

Salam Pax was promoted by Guardian

He has a book produced by the Guardian - has become mainstream, he now has column in Guardian

Belle du Jour won a Guardian award, prostitute in London, anonymous.

Tension between Guardian (Grauny) and bloggers

Guardian invading the territory of bloggers.

Some bloggers didn’t like the panel of judges. Prefer to be judged by peers.

Journalists love controversy. So <a href=”/rt/ane Perrone: “Blog to work? Blogging and journalism”“>Tom Coates of Plastic Bag</a> not liking it was great!

Vowed publicly never to have a personal blog.

But of course now she does perrone.blogs.com. A space in between personal and business life.

It has proved useful.

Now Jane sees the other side of the fence.

Curious about getting more hits, making it “better”, wanting more readers.

Blogging at the Guardian will be news or theme based.

More integral to the Guardian in the future

More important role in covering any major news story.

Transparency: make the rules clear

Adapt Scoble’s corporate blog manifesto.

Could easily be adapted for journalist bloggers.

Guardian is transparent and has people who monitor feedback.

When responding on Guardian blog, she is speaking as an Guardian individual journalist not for the entire paper.

Will see journalists who do 50% blogging.

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