What’s your definition of a pseudo-blog? FCC Chairman Powell’s pseudo-blog offends some because it is written in a formal tone with no personality (reads like it’s been vetted by a PR department), has no links, is on Always On’s self-congratulatory no street cred site :-), is just a ‘series’, is not using blogging software or on a blog site domain, etc.. Personally, this doesn’t frustrate me because it’s inevitable that our tidy little blog community will be usurped by the mainstream like this. It’s a sign blogging is growing up when somebody like Mr. Powell tries to portray himself as a blogger!

From Big Blog Company - Flop-blog:


Pseudo-blogs are deeply frustrating, as we are aware of the misconceptions and lack of understanding of blog as a medium, which really do not need to be deepened further. Explaining the full impact of blogging is complex enough as it is.


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