Cool, ElectionPhotos04 is based on ExposureManager which appears to be a viable competitor to Flickr. Bring it on! The more competition the better.

From Empowering the Blogarazzi - Escapable Logic:


Blogging this year's political conventions may be the most exciting news about those staged events. Imagine the stories we might witness! We launched ElectionPhotos04 to make it easier for convention bloggers to do some of the things that professional journalists' companies do for them: index and archive images and retrieve then quickly for publication. Over the next few days the functionality of this site will be expanded to include searching by keyword. If you are attending the convention and you would like to apply for a free account, drop us a line at • 1 Gig of space for your convention images • Easy single or batch upload to your personal gallery: web/ftp/email [phonecam] • Easy-copy html strings to insert images in your blog (200 or 400 pixels) • Keywords and descriptions for searching • Who, What, Why, When, Where & How metadata tagging Plus optional participation in the BigPub Photo Pool (offer your images to "the media" for $100 one-time use) Your free account will remain live through Election Day 2004.


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