Great news! Radio badly needs a product mangermanager and Steve will be a great one. Congrats to all. Now all UserLand needs to do is to hire another developer so that Jake isn’t single-handedly working on 3 products (Frontier, Radio and Manila) and we should [eventually] have the modern, robust, feature rich, stable Radio, Manila and Frontier that we are all looking for.

From Radio UserLand: A Letter To Radio Users:


Radio is going to grow and improve. Later this week, we will release a Radio Roadmap showing the intended development milestones for the rest of the calendar year. We will modernize the HTML generated by Radio, improve the comment system, improve upstreaming and release new themes. These are fundamental changes that are required to make the Radio environment work better for users and be more attractive to third-party developers. If your subscription isn't current, now is the time to renew. The roadmap only goes to the end of the year for a reason: it's not done yet. We need imput from you, the Radio user base. What do you like? What do you hate? What features are missing from Radio? Use the power of your weblog to your advantage: write your comments in a weblog post and link to this letter. We'll comb through the responses and post some answers to the common questions in another letter later this week.


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