LifeBlog (because I am a Mac person) doesn’t sound compelling But Lifeblog plus Lifeblogger sounds killer. Go Erik and Russell go! I need to get a subnotebook laptop PC. Eines Tages!

From Lifeblogger! - Russell Beattie:


But what about posting online!? I mean, the name of the app has "blog" in it, right? Well, I'm sure that's coming from Nokia as this app is *made* to be expanded upon. And since I wasn't the only person at BlogOn with a shiny new White Nokia 7610 - Ben and Mena had theirs too - I assume there's some stuff being developed by TypePad and Nokia as well. But we don't want to wait until later to blog from Lifeblog, do we!? We want to post to our weblog from Lifeblog now! And that's where Dr. Thauvin comes in. After our initial enthusiasm for a "hack Lifeblog" project, I got busy at work again and didn't have a chance to get back to it. Erik, however, started hacking around the edges of Lifeblog using Java seeing what he could do with the data. Finally he came up with a great hack: LifeBlogger! An app which will let you post your LifeBlog content to your XML-RPC enabled weblog (like Blogger for example... thus the name). Woohoo!


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