I am hoping that the 6630 will have all the 7610’s cool features plus a keypad with a normal layout. If so, I am definitely getting one! 10 minutes of video! And the ability to put it in a 128MB card. I have taken over a 1000 pictures in the last two months with my Canon S400 digital camera and endured the iPhoto “chain of pain” to transfer them. My plan is to get the 6630 and take even more pictures and real time moblog them via email via GPRS ($50 CAN a month unlimited with Fido) to Flickr and to camblognation.com which I will re-activate when I get my 6630.

From My 7610 Review - Russell Beattie:


First, let me talk about the actual device itself. It's much thinner than the 6600, and the white model is quite nice to look at (it has an iPod air about it.). I'm not sure if it's lighter than my 6600, but it definitely feels like it - it's much less bulky in my pocket. The screen is the same quality - if a little brighter - and there's a standard Nokia pop-port on the bottom for charging and to plug in accessories like a headset or the integrated USB sync cable. Though I generally like the shape and size of the phone, the keypad took a lot of getting used to. You basically end up clicking with your finger nail which isn't the greatest feeling. I prefer the feel of the 6600 - though I know of others who hated that keypad. I just don't like it when I'm in a quiet room using the 7610 sending a text message for example, and with each key press, there's a loud *click click*. Also, the joypad isn't as nice as the 6600's joystick or even the 3650's joypad. And the placement is so odd as well, it took me the longest time to get used to where certain keys are (the "c" clear key for example) and answering the phone at first took me a couple tries. The other flaw is the power button - it's impossible to find and press. If you use that button to flip between profiles (silent, meeting) or even as a way of lighting up a locked-phone so you can unlock it, it's very difficult to use. Anyways, this keypad was definitely designed during Nokia's wacky-keypad phase, so hopefully this will be the last monstrousity I'll have to deal with on a S60 device. Other than the keypad which - despite my moaning - is pretty easy to get used to, the phone is pretty great. I like the nicer camera images and I love, love, love the ability to take video that goes up to 10 minutes. It seems like an arbitrary limit, but I've yet to take a video anywhere near that length. In fact I'm glad there's a hard limit: because the base is flat, it's quite easy to set the phone upright taking video (say of a in-office mini-basketball game) and then forget it's running so that the phone continues to take video until you run out of storage. And speaking of storage - I've been using my regular sized 128MB MMC card in the phone, even though it only has a slot for a Reduced Sized MMC (RSMMC). Someone left me a comment a while back saying that all it takes is a little force and that it'd work and they're right. Getting the back off afterwards is sort of a pain, but the memory card works like a charm. Doesn't even seem to bend the card at all either. Hopefully someday I'll be able to buy a decent sized RS-MMC, but until then I can use my existing hardware.


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