Go Adriaan go! In 2004, I don't know why this is so difficult, I mean how old is Dreamweaver? Anyways, I am glad ecto is raising the bar finally in blog writing software. From ecto blog: Can you spell 'WYSIWYAG'?:


This is a draft in Rich Text editing mode. One can switch from Rich to HTML and back indefinitely. In the Rich Text mode, a series of buttons will appear to easily allow setting the various font and paragraph peculiarities (alignment, indentation, cursive, bold, underline, strike-through, font-color, background color, font face). The buttons are modelled after Panther's neat Font panel, which obviously also has effect here. Don't mind the gray background color, that's fully customizable. By default background is white and foreground is black. Note the highlighted square in the corner of the attached image. It's the resize knob to give users basic control over the size of the image. To control more options, double-clicking the attachment will reveal the attachment settings sheet. There's not really much to it, I guess, but it should make writing blog entries a bit more easier, especially for those who don't care or know much about HTML.


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