Ha! ‘nuff said especially if you have been burned by CORBA as I have :-) !

From Smalltalk Tidbits, Industry Rants: Web Services, the new CORBA:


There's a simple reason for this - Web Services are the new CORBA. Setting up an RPC system is hard to do right, without regard to the form of the technology. I hear constant nattering about how Web Services are "easier" and "better" than CORBA - but there's really only one difference: With CORBA, you had to go deal with the security/IT folks about opening a port in the firewall. With Web Services, port 80 is already open. That's it. And even that's getting hairier - there are XML routers out there that filter on specific schemas - yeah, that'll be optimal on the network. WSDL = IDL, and SOAP = IOP. It's all the same stuff. I cheerfully await the next great RPC mechanism that will be touted as easier than Web Services...


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