Brian looks to be both an amazing developer as well as a cool person. Amazing final paragraph. Just substitute RSS, Flickr, blogging, Drupal, Manila or Blogware for Perl in the last paragraph; these are my peoples! From Interview with Brian "INGY" Ingerson :: :: Open Source, Linux News & Software:


For fun, I decided to make Kwiki a completely object oriented Perl project. I brainstormed all the components necessary to make a wiki, about 20 of them, and made a class for each one. Also I always think as abstractly as possible, so I decided that I would hardcode as little as possible. This makes Kwiki a framework for building your own wikis. Kwiki works as a wiki right out of the box, but the real fun is in adding on to it. Collaboration is my main drive in programming. Wikis are about collaborative content. Kwiki is about collaboration at the software level. I want to make something that entices all sorts of people to scratch their own itches. The best way to do that is to make things as simple as possible. To remove obvious barriers to entry. To ensure that when entry level people tweak things, the software does the right thing. This is not an easy thing to accomplish. Some folks believe in a minimalist approach to design that relies on well known existing environments almost entirely. While I respect that approach, it's not really my style at all. I like to do lots of difficult magic that make the Kwiki environment even easier to end users than well known existing environments would be. Sometimes this even comes down to changing Perl itself. I don't really change the Perl interpreter, but the magic is so well hidden, you'd think that I had. ... But in the final analysis, it's the Perl community that keeps me around. These people are my weird looseknit family. Perl attracts a certain type of people; these are my people.


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