My first digital camera was an Olympus D500 back in January 96. I loved that camera! It had a great lens and a 3 times optical zoom, and you couldn’t use the viewfinder to focus (had to use an old fashioned optical viewfinder). Lots of limitations like the fact that it couldn’t focus in low light since it had no focus lamp. Still I took over 5,000 pictures with that camera. I could see past its limitations though and see that digital photography was going to take off.

And I see past the same limitations in the 7610 camera: no focus lamp, no zoom, no flash, it takes a long time to take a picture, etc. I fully expect that within 3 years we will have 3 megapixel camera phones with optical zoom, flash and less shutter lag and that lots of people will have them.

Having a network connected still and video camera is that compelling! Add the cost reduction for both the camera and bandwidth that will come and the sky is the limit. Mark my words! Come back and check if I am right in 3 years!

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