Read the whole thing on Bryght. Executive summary: You are better off in terms of search engine rank to have a Web 2.0 site with frequently updated compelling content about your search terms (and the best way in 2004 to do this is to use a blog and RSS) with standards compliant markup and clean URLs, then to pay a SEO company thousands of dollars. SEO is long term voodoo and the wrong thing to do since SEO is gaming the system and not sustainable. Blogging with RSS is long term sustainable and the right thing to do. And a Bryght site is a great way to do this (and of course so is a Blogware blog). Remember: Bryght sites for communities (corporations, learning institutions, non profits, etc), Blogware blogs for individuals!

From Web 2.0 Websites - 1.0 just say NO! : Bryght:


It's 2004, yet I still see a lot of brand new websites that are what I call Web 1.0 Websites. Why? There seems to be no reason other than the fact that people just don't know what a Web 2.0 website is.


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