I love Atom and what they are doing but I don't think the Atom API is ready for prime time and mass deployment. How many tools support it? And how often will it change? As far as I know, for example, Google just changed their Atom API implementation for Blogger.

Atom, the RSS replacement, is much more mature than Atom, the API.

IMHO, Lifeblog should support the MetaWeblogAPI (with MovableType extensions) as well as the Atom API. I have no problem having cool new features being only in Atom moving forward, but there should be baseline support for all critical features using the Metaweblog API (there doesn't seem to be anything in Lifeblog today that would work only with the Atom API and not with MetaWeblog API).

That way the broadest variety of Blog systems (most support the MetaWeblog API and DON'T support the Atom API), including TypePad, will work with Lifeblog, not just the few who have implemented the Atom API.

From ChristianLindholm.com: Lifeblog will blog to TypePad - some reflections :


Their attitude, their approach and above all their platform is amazing. The more we digged into it the more we found. Most things seem possible with TypePad. </p>

Blogs are reflections of personality, when you come to Moving Experiences you do not come to Six Apart or TypePad, you come to me. This is what I really like. If I for some reason want to leave Six Apart I can export my stuff. They are strong advocates of ATOM. One feels save with TypePad, and that was what we wanted to offer our users. We will not enter the service business with the Lifeblog brand, instead we support ATOM and recommend users to use TypePad. </blockquote>


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