This is great news! Go Lifeblog go! Go SixApart go! I hope that Lifeblog works with Blogware blogs (and any other blog system that supports the Movable Type MetaWeblog API extensions); IMHO there is no reason not to from a technical point of view. And I hope that Six Apart in the future blogs this (they are still a blogging company, right :--)?) as well as issue press releases.

From Six Apart Announces Enhancements to Its Award-Winning TypePad Weblogging Software:


"Moblogging," the practice of posting to weblogs from a camera phone, got easier today with the launch of a new version of TypePad, the popular weblogging software from Six Apart. </p>

TypePad 1.4 contains several new features intended to make mobile weblogging more accessible to anyone with a camera phone, offering new "mixed media" templates optimized for blogs containing a mix of text, photos and other media types. Further, the new release adds additional features to improve the quality and easy set-up of weblogs and a new account creation wizard for streamlined weblog setup and posting.

"Tens of millions of people now have camera phones, and they want a way to easily share the photos they take without having to send them individually to their friends," said Barak Berkowitz, Six Apart's CEO. "They're rapidly turning to moblogging, where they can send pictures with captions to their weblog, to be easily accessed online by their friends. TypePad 1.4 lets them create weblogs with templates specifically designed for numerous photos and short captions, making moblogging a fun and efficient way to communicate."

In a related announcement, Six Apart also announced today that it is collaborating with mobile communications leader Nokia to integrate TypePad with Nokia's Lifeblog, an application that lets people keep a multimedia diary of the items collected with mobile phones. Moblogging features in TypePad 1.4 will form the core of the service offered by Six Apart through Nokia Lifeblog. </blockquote>


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