Congrats and good luck to the Qumana crew!

I have been an unofficial (and of course unpaid) advisor to these folks for many moons. I love their vision of a drag and drop microcontent remixer for blogs initially (and the world later!). Qumana's current state reminds me of the early days of the Flickr: lots of unrealized potential. Fred has an ace marketer in Victor and an ace visionary in Jon. Now all Qumana needs is an ace social software developer like Cal and an ace social software interface lead like Stewart and the rest is blood, sweat and code (and money!).

From Wirearchy :: It's Official !:


Today, Thursday, September 16, 2004 marks our official start to the beta release of Qumana.

Qumana is a microcontent assembly and publishing application that features three integrated capabilities that are extremely useful to all people who create and author content for publication to blogs, web sites, email, and documents.


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