Very cool hack! Based on purely anecdotal evidence, a very large proportion of these kinds of hacks are being in Python which is indicative of how it has captured the hackers' attention du jour.

From Jonas Galvez: A feed aggregator in 40 lines of code (via Richard)


As you can probably guess, yes, in Python. Writing an aggregator like MXNA or Full as a Goog isn't parkwalkian at all. Once you're out of the nightmare of parsing the multiple RSS variants and Atom, next you have to order items by date of publication. This means you'll have to write code to parse the different date formats used in RSS and Atom, which includes dealing with timezones, so you can finally convert them to Unix Time and make them sortable.

Fortunately, someone has spent time to provide us with a fast and stable library that can parse every known syndication format on earth seamlessly


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