Amazing hack! Yet another reason not to use Powerpoint.

From Eric's Archived Thoughts: S5 via Derek Miller:


Thanks to the efforts of many people, the slide show system I’ve been working on is just about ready for prime time. Thus, I hereby dub it S5 and place it into Final Candidate status, complete with documentation of the markup format and a map of the files that are used for an S5 presentation.

There is one thing I’ve found that needs to be addressed before exiting the FC stage, and that’s the handling of slide titles that contain markup. If you look at the slide show S5: An Introduction, the navigation menu entry for the title slide is ” 0: Snull: An Introduction". It should be ” 0: S5: An Introduction". I know this has something to do with walking the DOM tree and collecting the appropriate bits, but I’ve yet to figure out how to do that efficiently. Assistance, as always, is appreciated.


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