The Nokia folks I have met via my development of the Nokia 7610 Flickr uploader that Simon and I are working on in our spare time have been very nice, but compared to Microsoft, Nokia indeed has a ways to go.

From IP Inferno: Owning the Next Digital Frontier:


For Nokia to succeed in challenging Microsoft, they will have to be 10 times more effective in wooing developers. Here are a few of the things that have to be done well: open supported developer APIs to all aspects of the device, synchronization, and the programs around the platform such as LifeBlog; a free high-quality development environment that makes it easy for developers to utilize these APIs, test their applications, and deploy across the Nokia family of devices; pro-active support for the third party development community starting with sponsorship of magazines and books and conferences and continuing through to pro-active outbound calls to developers to offer consulting, developer kits, phones for testing; interaction with the VC community to educate the VCs on the opportunity to build successful companies around the Nokia ecosystem...


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