Oh those wacky Filipinos :-) ! Go CubeBlog go! Should have used a better platform though! 20 Megabytes is not enough (still it will hold a lot of pixelated cameraphone photos!) today when storage is free. Better to have bandwidth limits rather than storage limits methinks!

From Innovative blogging service launched: Welcome to Manila Bulletin Online :: via Tris Hussey:


Cube Interactive, a new interactive content division of ePLDT, Inc. is targeting 110,000 subscribers by 2005 following its recent launch of the new service, CubeBlog.

Jay Adevoso, head of Cube Interactive said they would launch an aggressive marketing campaign to increase of number of subscribers which is currently attracting 1,000.

Subscription is free and each subscriber is given 20 megabytes of free storage space.

CubeBlog is an innovative blogging service that combines online, mobile and voice connectivities.

Adevoso said CubeBlog would later on be extended to television sets where the blogs are shown on a Cube iTV channel.

Through CubeBlog, subscribers or members could post messages, information or ideas to their friends and relatives online.

CubeBlog takes off from the conventional weblog, an online journal available on the Web, to include access and entries made through the mobile phone and landline, aside from the traditional Web access.

It is also an online community of members that interact with each other through posting online journal entries, pictures, voice messages and comments to fellow members’ entries.

A subscriber should have an access on the Internet to go into the CubeBlog website.

With an MMS-capable phone, a subscriber could sent his photo or message to his own page at the CubeBlog through 483 for Smart and Talk N Text and 2219 for Globe and Touch Mobile.

Or the suscriber could upload his or her photo to the website of CubeBlog ­ www.cubeblog.com — from his own PC.


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