Just listened to some inspirational talk and music on Ross Rader's latest podcast (45 MB MP3 file). As usual, he is 100% right. Everybody should be able to share what they want (text, video, audio, whatever) with whoever they want, whenever they want unconstrained by bandwidth (other than paying a nominal fair fee). This will come to pass and podcasts are just the beginning and the harbinger of this coming wave!

From Random Bytes :: Random Bytes Radio, Show #6: Are you sitting comfortably?:


...wherein I discuss Halloween at Casa Disco and, picking up on Dave Slusher's thoughts from Saturday's broadcast and some of the comments made by the Gnomedex panel I sat on, do a smackdown detailing the relative emotional throughput of text, audio and video communications - aka the amount of content and context you can stick in weblogs v. podcasts....


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