Laugh out loud that somebody could actually publish such a report and charge people $1000 for it! Maybe this kind of thing could have flown in 1999 but not in 2004 when Sun, Microsoft and many more have 1000s of corporate blogs.

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A news release hit the wires today from Dublin-based Research and Markets . Here’s a tiny sample:

“Companies Need to Raise Employee Awareness Regarding Blogging and Associated Threats … Blogging is rapidly emerging as a threat to Internet users.”

I’ve been shaking my head ever since I read this ham-fisted, inflammatory piece of fear-mongering, but I still can’t quell the shrill noise in my ears. It’s the chilling bleat of innocent young clues being slaughtered in a mahogany-panelled boardroom somewhere to the south...

Research and Markets is kind of a wholesaler or clearing house for 3rd-party research. Styling themselves the “World’s largest Market Research resource”, their business model appears to involve sourcing reports from a variety of analysts and publishers, slapping a healthy markup on them, and brokering the same gently-used materials to their unquestioning clients.


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