I want one of these too.

Actually what I really want is to pay the RIAA/SOCAN (the Canadian equivalent) $50 US a month for the rest of my life for unlimited downloads (in MP3 or other non DRM format) of all music of all genres and unlimited podcasting of the things I have downloaded. Talk about lots of money to be made! I bet I'll get this kind of thing in 10 years or less.

From Scripting News: 11/17/2004:


Now what I want -- a $249 hard disk with every Beatles song ever recorded in MP3 format. Come on RIAA, cough it up. I want to pay! If you really want to break down the barriers, sell me a license for another $249 that lets me include the songs in my podcasts. I bet you make a $billion. Rockin out here in Seattle, love Dave.


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