Update: As pointed out by David Ascher, the title is wrong, it's Friday 19 November 2004 not Friday 19 October!

As Dave wrote on Scripting News today, we're having a dinner for him on Friday.
Here are the details:

: dinner with Dave Winer, the real blog father and software developer and innovator
WHERE: Phnom Penh, 244 E. Georgia St. in Chinatown, 604 682-5777

I've made a reservation for 15 under the name of "Roland". If we get over 15 people, I will put you on a wait list, but don't despair, I am sure the restaurant can handle 20 or so people.

WHEN: 7p.m. Friday 19 November 2004
WHY: discuss blogging, BloggerCon, NorthernVoice, whatever :-)
• by adding your name AND email to our DinnerWithDaveWiner19November2004 wiki page (I will email you to confirm that you actually updated the page and somebody isn't spoofing you!) OR
• by emailing roland AT bryght.com or calling me at 604 729 7924 by Thursday 18 November 2004 at 4p.m.

NEW TO VANCOUVER? And are afraid of getting lost? Meet us at SteamWorks at 375 Water Street (there's pay parking next door if you are driving) in Gastown at 6p.m. for a beer and we will walk over together. I'll be the "Canadian of Filipino heritage" :-) wearing red running shoes. We should be milling about somewhere!
NOTE: Dave may or may not be at Steamworks depending on the traffic at the border and how his journey from Seattle went.

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