Amen Joe! Nothing is more irritating than people who don't keep up with the current state of the art in their profession whether it's web design or any other job. Unfortunately in Vancouver, with a few exceptions, most web designers still think it's 1999.

From Le «blog personnel» de Joe Clark ; Worst redesign of the year:


Corporate Web professionals labour under the delusion that they can stay insulated from trends in Web development. They feel free to create expensive new sites whose guts are no different from something published in, say, 1999. They’re like baby boomers who cannot stand any music released after 1979. The way they made Web sites while they were growing up works fine and dandy for them. Not only are no improvements necessary, as far as they’re concerned there are no improvements available to make, save for this Flash thing their kids keep telling them about. Their way is the state of the art – but, unbeknownst to them, back when they were learning to build Web sites we had no idea what the art actually was.

What will be the downfall of Chapters’s new site – its outrageous bandwidth costs, the complexity (and price tag) associated with maintaining its tag soup, or Canada’s first successful human-rights complaint concerning inaccessible Web sites?

Whatever. I’m not picky.


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