I want Nokia to succeed (I love my 7610's megapixel camera but the phone is not a grand slam because of its needlessly funky keypad), but why does every phone they produce come up one home run short of a grand slam? Please get it right the next time, Nokia. If Nokia doesn't start consistently getting it right, they will ultimately lose to Sony, Samsung and Microsoft.

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I can deal with this stuff... But The worst thing is something I just discovered last night. I was chatting on Agile Messenger and I swapped over to Opera to look something up and Agile disappeared. It was as if I was low on RAM or something. "That's strange," I thought, "I use two or three apps at once all the time on my 6620..." That's when I found out this morning that Nokia only put 7MB of usable RAM on the phone. The 6620 has something like 30MB and the N-Gage has something like 12MB. You can see the charts above of the available memory with only FExplorer running.

Insane. Abso-f*cking-lutely, mind-bogglingly insane.

Advanced Processor, advanced 3G networking, advanced OS (Symbian 8.0a), and enough RAM to only run one app at a time. I am astounded. Amazed. Chagrined. Angry! I spent Friday expounding on the phone's virtues, deriding the Danger Hiptop and Blackberry as not being worthy and got three (count them) coworkers to order the phone on the spot. Now I have to explain that, yeah... you can have it checking mail, but if you want to run the chat app at the same time, don't expect it to work like you'd expect.

Was it really worth it to Nokia to save the, say, $4 extra per phone it was going to cost them to skimp on memory this badly? On a $500+ device? I mean it's so asinine it's incredible. This phone was *that* close to being perfect.


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