Yes, the current infrastructure (GPRS) and the current tools (MMS, post via email) to share mobile experiences like photos and audio from your phone s*ck! But look beyond to what's around the corner. We are already seeing with the advent of next gen infrastructure like 3G (Edge, EV DO, ubiquitious WiFi, WiMax) and next gen tools customised for the mobile experience (e.g. Simon's flickrLive - check out my flickrLIVE photos) rather than just being ports of PC based tools.

It's going to happen; just not happening fast enough for early adopters like Ramesh and myself

From Problems with Mobile Infrastructure.:


Current infrastructure is inadequate to utilize features that are becoming common in the phones. Phones are coming equipped with cameras and the quality of cameras is improving rapidly. Moreover, the amount of storage is also improving. Does this mean that phones should be used as cameras? I think that a very good use of cameras in the phones will be to communicate a slice of your experience or store it while it is fresh. This requires very good facilities to send images to others and to store and organize images centrally. All these facilities are there, they are just not very convenient to use. I have a camera phone, but I rarely use the camera feature. I use my digital camera very frequently, but camera phone rarely, if ever. I used my camera phone when I first got it. I even sent photos. But after the novelty period was over, I never used the camera in the camera phone. Maybe I am the only one who never uses the camera! But, I really don't think so. I rarely hear about people sending photos to each other or using photos from camera phones to store their experiences. One reason I believe is that just sending or storing pictures is not enough; some annotation with it usually are very helpful. And the process of annotation is not yet simple. What is interesting and puzzling is that phone is basically a speech communication device, but all interactions and annotations have to be textual!!! Can these be simplified so the cameras in phones could be used for communicating experiences?


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