Congrats to Six Apart and Danga. As they say in German, "jetzt geht's los!".

From Mena's Corner: Current Mood: Optimistic.:


So yeah, we know that there's been an elephant in the room, sorry it took two days to announce that yes indeed, Six Apart did acquire LiveJournal. It has been hard not react to all the questions and comments but we needed to finish all the legal documents and close the deal officially before we could say anything.

Finally I can spend some time talking about why we did this deal, what it means for LiveJournal users, what it means for Movable Type and TypePad users and for Six Apart and Danga. I hope that I can even dispel some crazy rumors.

As my posts tend to be pretty verbose, I'll first link to a FAQ that should answer a lot of questions that people may have. Once you've read it, please take the time to read the rest of this post so you can get a more extensive look into the deal and its makings.


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