LATER: Dave Sifry left a great comment to this post. He has some excellent points; I will re-try Technorati again and hope I get better results with the 2005 version. Regardless, I will post a followup here.

I must be suffering from baby induced sleep deprivation :-) but didn't Feedster and PubSub have this from the very beginning? In other words, isn't this a feature Technorati should have had long ago? Regardless, my ongoing unscientific comparison of a Technorati versus PubSub versus Feedster search for "roland tanglao" reveals nothing has changed: PubSub has the best (fastest and most accurate and free unlike Technorati which only has three free watchlists) results followed by Feedster (again free) with Technorati being in the rear. I really don't understand why people continue to use and hype Technorati. The folks at Technorati are very cool and very friendly but I still find PubSub and Feedster much better.

DISCLOSURES: During PubSub's brief existence, I have exchanged emails with them and have become friends with Bob Wyman, the CTO and Salim, the CEO. I also have met Scott Johnson of Feedster and think he's a cool and smart guy.

From Sifry's Alerts: Get your keyword watchlists here!.:


I'm proud to announce that Technorati has just launched our new Keyword Watchlist service, which now allows you to track and subscribe to live searches on keywords and phrases. For example, say you're interested in keeping track of the recent rumor that Six Apart is buying LiveJournal. You would start by going to Technorati and typing in a set of search terms like:

("six apart" OR sixapart) AND (livejournal OR "live journal")

This will give you an instantly updated stream of posts from blogs around the world that are talking about both SixApart and LiveJournal, in a post, using a variety of spellings.

Note the results page, however - Underneath the title of the search, you'll notice a link that says, "Make this a Watchlist". Click on that link, go through the login process (or create an account if it is the first time at Technorati), and you'll get a link to that saved search to put into your favorite RSS reader



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