Cool. Subscribed to the Yahoo finance apple RSS feed.

From Yahoo! Finance RSS Feeds Return (by Jeremy Zawodny).:


You may remember me as the guy who tried to launch RSS feeds for Yahoo Finance a couple years too early. :-)

Well, good news. They're back and they're better.

You can get feeds for individual stock tickers as well as "portfolio" feeds, which are made up of multiple stocks. I'm not going to show you how to build the URLs, because there's a tool for that on the Yahoo! Finance RSS page.

Well, okay. Just one. Here's the feed for Yahoo and Google headlines.,goog

They haven't added auto-discovery support to the quote or portfolio pages yet. After enough of you bang on it and help find any lingering problems, you can expect to see this promoted a bit more.

Thanks to the Y! Finance team for making this happen.


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