Laugh out loud. Rock on Chuqui!

From Teal Sunglasses: No, sorry....:


So to all of those Mac loyalists out there %u2013 I love your computer. But, from one Mac enthusiast to another, with an open mind and a little bravery, you too could learn something new.

No, Sorry. Just because you've chosen to commute to work on a forklift and have convinced yourself it's okay doesn't mean I'm going to consider giving up my car for it.

I have, in fact, driven forklifts, and while you CAN commute to work on them if you want to -- I can't understand why you would want to.

I think this is the computer equivalent of the Stockholm Syndrome, where to keep windows from driving you crazy and throwing the computer off a rooftop, you have to somehow convnice yourself the damn monster is really okay and looking out for your best interests.

Viruses, spyware and all.


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