• TheFeature :: The Battle For Market Share
    Sony up, Samsung up, Motorola up my prediction is that Motorola and Nokia (unless they do something dramatic) will be much diminished in 10 years and we'll be left with Sony, Microsoft, Samsung and a Chinese manufacturer as major players. I hope I am wrong since I love Nokia Series 60 phones but I see no indications that Nokia has what it takes and reports that the Razr is too hard to use bode badly for its future.
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  • Picasa: Organize photos, instant albums, labels, stars, advanced picture search
    If you must use Windows for your photos (I recomend iPhoto and a Mac), Picassa is the way to go
    Tags: photos, picassa
  • Getting Back To Work: A Personal Productivity Toolkit || kuro5hin.org
    Some great anti-procrastination tips and explanations
    Tags: procrastination
  • Slashdot | Governments Take Sides In Blackberry Patent Suit
    The Canadian government may be in the wrong for intervening but patents like this clearly s*ck and stifle innovation
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  • NewsForge | Must-have applications for the open source Mac desktop
    I will never use these apps but maybe you will :-)
    Tags: apple, macintosh
  • blogclient - a java blogging client library
    Does anybody actually use Java to blog? J2ME is a joke so I doubt that people use Java mobile blogging clients but perhaps on Windows! MarsEdit and ecto rock my blog client app world!
    Tags: blogs, java
  • S60 Getting Started - S60GettingStarted
    Links on how to use the "almost a platform" Nokia Series 60 phones.
    Tags: mobilephones, series60
  • A Free JDK Really Is Coming - Weiqi Gao.com
    Free at last from Sun's outrageous "slings and arrows"
    Tags: java, sun
  • Technical Ramblings » RSS 1.1
    Summary of what CRS wrote: rss 1.0 s*cks, RSS 1.1 s*cks less
    Tags: blogs, rss
  • Blogathon for Tsunami relief, blog for 24 hours straight
    cool idea <QUOTE> My name is Darren Rowse (background information on me here) and on 20 January 2005 I will be blogging here on this blog for 24 hours straight. It is my goal to post 100 posts over the day totally just over 1 post every 15 minutes for the duration of the day. </QUOTE>
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  • smash's world 6.7b: taking-apart the mac mini (how-to disassembly video) _ the offical homepage of Ben Guild (smash)
    cool video
    Tags: apple, macintosh, macmini
  • Search Engine News: The Gillmor Gang - Relational Databases are dead
    Relational databases are dead :-) if and only if you want to process Web 2.0 data like RSS. Just not built for that! But I have no idea what will take the place of relational databases for Web 2.0 data.<blockquote>"How do you handle data that's much less known up front and where the query is by relevance?" Adam asks. Most of today's databases are built on the relational model, but most of today's queries are not. Instead they're looking for keyword precision, location and semantic context -- not a textual or numeric match. The relational model is designed for use when both the data and the queries can be anticipated, but in today's world, neither are typically known in advance.</blockquote>
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  • Geeking with Greg: Adam Bosworth on personalization
    Must try Findory again! <blockquote> Personalization offers a way to show different front pages to different people. It plucks the interesting bits and pieces out of a sea of information. Everyone sees a different slice of the data. Readers see new sources, are exposed to new viewpoints, and discover articles they otherwise would have missed. For example, if you read Google News over the last couple weeks, there were hundreds of articles on the tsunami. Buried somewhere in there was what I thought was a fascinating article on the science of the tsunami from National Geographic. Google News had no way of showing this article to me; it shows the same thing to everyone. A personalized news site like Findory could (and did) surface this article for me by learning my interests and pulling the article out of the noise. In weblogs, it's even better. There's millions of weblogs out there. It's quite hard to find good ones. The signal to noise ratio is shockingly poor. A personalized weblog reader can recommend relevant weblogs you've never heard of (like, perhaps, this one). And it surface the occasional gem on high traffic but low value weblogs. Discovery in vast quantities of data is what personalization is designed to do. The key is to make sure the personalization reaches beyond the obvious and into the surprising. If you do that, personalization reveals the full breadth of the data and enhances serendipity. </blockquote>
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  • Read/Write Web: John Doerr at Web 2.0 Conference
    6 webs: room for innovation on the hand aka near web aka phone web in filtering, search, syndication, agents and aggreation and put stuff on the web that isn't already there
    Tags: aggregation, syndication, web2.0
  • MacCentral: The Mac mini: Comparing Apples and Oranges
    Buy the apple, you won't regret it. if you need autocad and games, buy Wintel but don't use Windows for email, or web browsing, it just ain't safe unless you enjoy paying geeks money or re-discovering your inner geek <blockquote> "And then there are the intangibles the Mac mini has in its favor: No viruses; no spyware; easier setup of peripherals; a much smaller, more attractive, and quieter enclosure. And if you want wireless connectivity—AirPort or Bluetooth—you can order your Mac mini with these capabilities built-in; with the Dell, you’re stuck using USB dongles and adapters. Aren’t these “features” worth something? To be clear, I don’t advocate a Mac for everyone. As much as I’d like to, there are people whose needs would be better served by getting a Windows PC (although their numbers are shrinking every day). And even though the Mac mini is a stripped down Mac, there are going to be some people who don’t need the extra functionality even the Mac mini has over the cheapest Dell; these people may be satisfied with the even-further-stripped-down Dell for a bit less money. But for everyone else, the Mac platform deserves a serious look, not half-baked “comparisons” that aren’t, well, comparable. More to the point: Articles that criticize the Mac mini by comparing Apples and oranges serve no one. The next time you see a tech writer making such comparisons, send him or her the URL to this article; maybe we can convince them to compare Apples to apples, instead. " </blockquote>
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  • Technology - Why There's No Escaping the Blog - FORTUNE
    Re-read this and I still chuckle at: ""If you fudge or lie on a blog, you are biting the karmic weenie," "
    Tags: blogs, businessblogging
  • Flickr: Forums: FlickrBugs: Official Uploading Bugs thread
    Thank-you Flickr for your transparency! <blockquote> If you're having trouble uploading your photos, please let us know what's happening for you in this thread. Thanks for your patience. </blockquote>
    Tags: flickr
  • The New Nofollow Link Attribute
    Some good nofollow discussion, in general people like it but nobody knows the unintended consequences
    Tags: nofollow, seoisdead

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