Cool. RSS everywhere! Go feedbeep go! Must try this out!

From feedbeep :: rss notification.:


FeedBeep is the final link between you and the wealth of information published on the internet. Hundreds of thousands of data feeds are available in RSS format, and now you can receive alerts about events worldwide -- as they happen -- right on your SMS-capable phone. Alerts can be set to go to your mobile device or our web messaging system based on your keywords or any time new information is posted to a feed.

Our users monitor a boggling array of these feeds and get rapid SMS notification about things like:

  • New marketing jobs in the Chicago area on,
  • Club events on group calendars published at,
  • Deals for thrifty teachers and moms from and,
  • Overnight advances and news for medical specialists via MedScape from WebMD,
  • Live results from other RSS aggregators like,
  • Custom and updated eBay search results from


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