Sometime early last year (was it late January or early February? I think it was early Febrary), I was given a peek at Flickr. I uploaded my first photo on February 10, 2004. But didn't really use it until upload via email was added. I think that was the tipping point for me. It's bizarre to think that I used to upload photos without tagging them, but that's how it was for me until the "edit as a batch" feature and the APIs that enabled cool 3rd party uploaders like the Flickr Export module were introduced.

Congrats, Flickr! Schoene Geburtstag! Viel Glueck! I look forward to uploading 8000 (it's hard to believe I uploaded 6000 public and 2000 private photos in one year but that's really how many photos I take a year!) more photos in the next year. And you continuing to do no evil by having great APIs that allow people to easily upload, download and manipulate their photos.

From FlickrBlog.:


A year ago, at 6:00 PM, Flickr was born. Thanks everyone for making Flickr such a success! Happy Birthday Flickr!!!!!


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