Hmmm, that sounds great. Go Feedburner go!<p>From Read/Write Web: Aggregation Advertising Aggravation.:</p>


Feedburner to the rescue? Josh Hallett in response to my post asks: "Somebody needs to create a product to provide RSS feed owners a percentage of the advertising revenue from sites that syndicate their content. Feedburner?" And true to form, a Feedburner rep is quick to respond. Dick Costolo replies in Josh's comments: "We are on top of this and are investigating tools and services to address this very issue. There are a growing number of these sites, publishers are generally unaware of the issue (at least as regards the number of these sites that exist), and there is little or no way for the personal publisher to track their content as its repurposed with surrounding ads. A perfect thing for us to deal with." Go Feedburner!!


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