Excellent! I agree RSS is not email!

From Nick Bradbury: How I Use FeedDemon.:


Chances are, there are a number of power users like Jeremy who don't like the email metaphor, and quite honestly I'm one of them - I don't use FeedDemon like an email client at all. Instead, I've configured it in a way that lets me scan the headlines from a couple hundred feeds with very little time or effort:
  • On the "Reading" page in options, I've enabled the "Mark all news items as read when exiting a channel" and "Mark all news items as read when exiting a channel group" settings so that I never have to manually mark anything as read
  • I've maxmized the browser (F11) so that the news item list is hidden
  • I changed the newspaper style to "Expando," which is great for scanning headlines
  • Rather than clicking each channel (feed) one-by-one, I use the "Group Newspaper" to view everything that's new in every channel in the active group
  • When I find a link that I want to remember, I drag-and-drop it from the browser to a news bin (did you know you could do that?)


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