iPod Shuffle - LIVE from Vancouver! Tue Mar 01 2005 16:09<p>Yep, as Travis noted, I bought a 1 Gig iPod Shuffle in Chicago. And it is great! I don’t worry about destroying it unlike our much heavier, bulkier and much more vulnerable 2nd Generation 20GB iPod. It truly is indestructible and I love shuffle.</p> <p>I am somebody who since 1995 has played all his CDs in shuffle mode. There are very few albums that I can stand to listen to in the 1000 or so CDs (and 100s of records) that I have bought in my life. My Shuffle has mostly big band jazz and swing music and with the volume down low and the noise of the real world intruding in on the music as I walk around Vancouver, it kind of works.</p> <p>I doubt I will use the Shuffle walking around much longer though; I much prefer to talk to people (and watch people, people are fascinating!) even though most Vancouverites don’t want to talk (my favourite place for this was in Halifax, Nova Scotia (closely followed by St. John’s, Newfoundland) - everybody wanted to talk there!). I’ll save my shuffling probably for cross country skiing and snowboarding once the initial fad wears off!</p>

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