Laugh out loud Karl. The fact of the matter that is we still have conferences and meetings about cars and trucks in the year 2005 even though the diesel engine was invented more than 100 years ago. So the fact that we have conferences about blogging in 2005 is no more or less self indulgent and no more or less relevant. But of course your mileage may vary :-) !

From Northern Voice 2005 - 2005-02-19 - Carnet Web Karl.:


Est-ce que vous feriez une conférence « Camions 2005 » en expliquant comment conduire un camion, comment je suis devenu journaliste en utilisant un camion, comment utiliser un camion pour les activités scolaires, comment j'ai appris à reconnaître 1000 camions sur la route, etc.


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