Oui/Das Stimmt//Oo/insert your favourite language here. After growing up in Canada with Filipino parents and living in Germany for three years, it is obvious to me that dominant cultural and linguistic groups are mostly unaware of the advantages they have and the fact that others, although they may speak with an accent, definitely don't think with an accent. I'd like to have more diversity of cultural and linguistic groups at future Northern Voice conferences. If anybody has suggestions on how to do this, please let me know!

From Northern Voice 2005 - 2005-02-19 - Carnet Web Karl.:


La communauté anglophone a un gros, un très gros, problème de compréhension de l'existence des autres cultures et donc des moyens d'accès de ces cultures aux outils en langue anglaise uniquement. Je pourrais en parler très longuement.


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